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Sisterhood holds a significant amount of influence in the lives of black women. Whether the sisterhood comes from a sorority, a service association, a group or a close friend; the women you surround yourself with influence your life so much. It is very important for us as black women to have at least one SISTER (not necessarily a blood relative) and/or SISTER CIRCLE. Here are some benefits of a SISTERHOOD:

Support – We all experience moments in life where we need support. A good support system is essential to our mental health. Having a SISTER is one of the best support systems a woman can have. Queens can help each other to “straighten their CROWNS”.

Accountability – Having someone who can hold you accountable without judgement is wonderful. When Queens are close enough to be both transparent and vulnerable with one another it allows for familiarity which encourages accountability. Sisters who consider you accountable for your activities are the best ones to have.

Motivation – Queens motivate each other. A sister simply wants you to be the best version of yourself, and you will want the same for her. There is no better motivation than that which comes from women who love and support each other.

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